About ten years ago Devika began the Nepali Yoga Women’s Trust, a non profit organization to empower disenfranchised women. In Nepal women have fewer rights than men and for social and cultural reasons this makes them second class citizens. Women who get widowed or divorced, have few options when it comes to income and education. Devika continues a training program where women are taught various skills: yoga, massage, handicrafts etc…In addition Devika will pay for their children’s education, clothing, and booksto insure that the women have time to attend the training courses. Creating the opportunity to become independent contributing members of society. Most importantly these efforts are empowering women to overcome the limits of society. There are many women who have graduated to start their own business and others who have joined the work force. Still every year more women seek out Devika’s training which is why it is critical to continue this humanitarian project.

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