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Yoga has always been a passion for Joceline, but the real initiation into the world of Yoga happened in 2010, when she left her life in Switzerland to embark on an open ended journey to Nepal and India. Feeling alienated from her body, her mind and her soul through the modern western lifestyle, she followed a deep longing inside her heart to come back to herself, to discover the depths of her being. to explore that which lies beyond matter, to explore the mysteries of life.

This started a deep immersion into Yoga, healing and meditation. She studied with different teachers and masters in India, Nepal and Thailand. Deeply connected and inspired by Devika Gurung (founder of Himalayan Yogini) by her unique yoga style, her healing- and selfhealing practices; living, studying and practicing with her over several years.

In 2012 Joceline did her 500h Teacher Training Course with Agama Yoga in Thailand, after which she started teaching Yoga right away at Agama Yoga in India. After that, and until today, she has been teaching mainly in Nepal at Himalayan Yogini (and Switzerland), teaching Yoga, meditation and selfhealing, also giving intensiv yoga courses and workshops.
Strongly connected also with the teachings and meditations of Osho through Swami Anand Manan, who guides her deeper and deeper into meditation and also initiated her into healing practices, such as Seichim and Karuna Reiki.

Joceline offers teaches the Meditation part of RYT200, self healing courses, different yoga and meditation workshops, and healing sessions.

Her Yoga style is meditative flowing, focused on awareness and relaxation with the aim to become more intimate with our bodies and ourselves in general; awareness of the chakras, the body and the mind to bring healing on all levels.

Self healing Courses – 3000 Rupees for 2 hour course. Room and Food Additional 2500 Rupees/day.  FULL PACKAGE 5500 rupees per day.

In these courses we explore different wonderful self healing techniques and meditations, including some gentle Yoga exercises. We focus on awareness and relaxation with the aim to become more intimate with our bodies and ourselves in general; awareness of the body, the chakras, the mind and emotions to activate the self healing potential and therefore bring healing on all levels.

All of the techniques can be easily integrated in your daily life. Self healing courses can be just for one session, for a full day, or spread over several days according to your wish… Price depending on the length of the course and number of participants.

Healing Touch- 3000 Rupees per session.

Deeply relaxing healing session with the energies of Karuna Reiki. Through gentle touch and activating different accupressure points, the flow of energy gets stimulated and the chakras activated and so your selfhealing potencial awakened. Balancing and harmonizing your body, your mind and emotions.

One session lasts about 1 hour. Bring comfortable clothes.

Contact: Joceline, mobile: 9805846789 or email:

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